Patient Testimonials

"On my first visit to ACTIVE Life Acupuncture I was a little apprehensive because I really didn't know what to expect. I had been suffering with excruciating pain in my lower back to the point that I was bent over and looked like an "L". I tried muscle relaxers and pain medication with no relief. One of my coworkers, who is another satisfied patient of Nicole's, recommended that I call her.

As I walked in before my first treatment, I was hunchbacked and shuffling my feet. After my 1st treatment, I was astounded when I was able to stand erect and able to walk, yet slowly...but fairly normal with little pain. I was on a weekly treatment program for 3 months and I'm now on a maintenance program.

I do highly recommend Nicole Rasor of ACTIVE Life Acupuncture!"

-- Delene, Dental Office Manager

"For several years I have been receiving acupuncture from Nicole primarily for premenopausal issues. She has always been ahead of the curve with treatment, prescribing different herbal blends as needed during this ever changing time of my life. I am confident that through my treatment with Nicole that I will continue to transition into the next stage smoothly, and more importantly without the need of synthetic hormones. She's the best!"

-- Debbie

"Over the past 15 years I have dealt with varicose veins in my legs. Most recently, one leg developed an ulcer. After having surgery to treat and heal the ulcer I noticed that the blood return from my lower extremity was stagnant. I turned to Nicole and Acupuncture on the advice of my wife. Immediately I noticed a difference in my leg. The discoloration improved, swelling went down, and the ulcer healed quickly. I am convinced without Nicole's expertise, knowledge, and skill in acupuncture, I would not have the same results if I treated the leg with conventional methods."

-- Brad, Physical Education Teacher

Additional Testimonials

Golfer with Low Back Pain

Martial Artist with Severe Stomach Cramps

Archer with Back and Neck Muscle Cramping

Sports Club Employee with Elbow Injury

Registered Nurse with Anxiety

Retired Physics Professor with Shoulder Pain

Patient with Vertigo and Elbow Pain

Needlepoint Teacher with Elbow Pain

Fitness Enthusiast with Bursitis

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